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We prepare and register wills at various Probate Registries all over Nigeria. We process Letters of Administration, obtain Probate Letters and undertake any other probate matter at various Probate Registries in Nigeria
We sell, purchase and manage real and personal estates for clients. We pride ourselves in being able to manage in a professionally cost effective manner clientsÂ’ properties. Our areas of expertise include property acquisition, conveyance, drafting legal documents, property development and management
From resolving disputes between employers and employees to wrongful termination and dismissal from employment, employee reinstatement, employment contract to redundancy We have over the years implemented our home grown and result oriented approach to resolving labour disputes. In addition to this, our clients can attest to the fact that our expertise in labour relations and matters are second to none
At Banjo Ayenakin & co, we have successfully resolved issues arising from wrongful assessment for multinational companies and individuals
We undertake the processing of Industrial designs, Copyright, Trademark, Patent. Our firm helps in the registration, protection and maintenance of the above listed and other intellectual properties of our clients. In addition, we advice clients on the procedure concerning these processes and the laws governing compliance and violation.
The firm is skilled in dispute resolution whether by way of litigation, mediation or arbitration. Our litigation practice covers different areas of Law and practice some of which include criminal litigation, civil litigation, banking and insurance, insolvency and secured credit transactions, intellectual and cultural property. In addition, we institute, undertake, and diligently defend actions in courts, commissions and tribunals in Nigeria. All the rudiments of court room affairs are within our reach and our practice extends to courts of records up to the Supreme Court.
Recognizing the benefits of Mediation, Arbitration and other Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods, at Banjo Ayenakin & Co, we strive to ensure disputes are resolved amicably between parties, this we achieve also through ADR.
At Banjo Ayenakin & co, we represent companies, at their various statutory and corporate meetings and ensure they comply with

We provide general corporate/commercial advisory on Nigerian Law and policy affecting the incorporation of companies, joint ventures, corporate governance, operation of businesses, tax compliance, small and medium scale enterprises, corporate restructuring and finance, mergers, acquisitions and takeovers. Our clients find our technical advice and expertise useful and helpful in whatever business or corporate transaction they are executing and the overall success attained leaves them in awe of our professionalism

Mission Statement
"To provide excellent and first class legal services to all our clients with a high level of professional competence and integrity."

"Our ethos is predicated on professionalism and dedication to duty this we strive"

  • INTEGRITY: Our word is our bond, we honour and cherish our relationship with our clients
  • EXCELLENCE: Excellence is our watchword, delivery of worldbest legal service is our brand promise and this we do in conjunction with the array of seasoned competent professionals on our management team.
  • TRANSPARENCY AND DEDICATION TO DUTY is what endears our clients to us which in turn foster the actualization of our company's goals and objectives.

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